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Fahren Norton

Whether surrounded by water or mountains, I'm an island girl at heart. I crave the contrast of grandeur and closeness that living on a small rugged island or in a dramatic mountain range brings. They may be completely different - but I find myself most at home in both settings.

My earliest memories involve working with my hands - whether it was sewing projects with my mom, taking care of our family's animals and land, to school art projects and learning to prepare food while traveling to remote corners of the globe. My hands are tools I cherish.

Throughout my formative years, my family and tight knit community fostered my love for art as well as moving freely outdoors - learning to appreciate my own world and the wider world beyond as I sought means of expression.

Nearly 20 years of landscaping experience has shaped the lens through which I view the natural world. I spend time studying shapes and colors, especially plants and geography, bringing those images into my work to create a style that reflects who I am and what I love.

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