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Columbine Field

Columbine Field

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I proudly claim the title "crazy plant lady". I do not have loads of house plants, I prefer hardy outdoor plants, but I am always fawning over and planning outings around wildflowers in bloom. So it should come as no surprise that they also make it into my art. 


This painting was inspired by a field of Colorado Columbines I saw while biking near Keystone one summer. Columbines are so beautiful individually, but to see a giant patch of them all blooming and dancing in the summer breeze is absolutely breath taking! One cool thing about them is they are perennial and also spread through seed, so they keep coming back and multiplying every year! It's a treat to go back and visit them each summer- if I can get the timing right.


I created this painting with pen and watercolor.


What you get

8"x10" print. acid free fine art paper



5"x7" note card and envelope


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