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I proudly claim the title "crazy plant lady". I do not have loads of house plants, I prefer hardy outdoor plants, but I am always fawning over and planning outings around wildflowers in bloom. So it should come as no surprise that they also make it into my art. 


This painting was inspired by a field of Fireweed that I saw while hiking near Mayflower Gulch one summer. Fireweed are a tough plant and often one of the first plants to colonize after a fire, they are native to many regions of the world- especially North America. Find them in open meadows and along the edge of the forest- their tall stalk adorned with showy bright pink flowers are hard to miss. 



I created this painting with pen and watercolor.


What you get

8"x10" print. acid free fine art paper



5"x7" note card and envelope


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