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Abandoned house block print

Abandoned house block print

Excluding Sales Tax

This block print is one of the first few block prints of my Mountain Cabin series- a group of hand carved linoluem block and wood blocks I am currently working on. 

The prints are all of cabins in the mountains. Some are inspired by the 10th Mountain Division Huts and San Juan Hut Association cabins. Others are inspired but remnants of Colorado's mining boom days and ghost towns.


What you get:

-machine printed editions.

-5"x7" note card and envelope

-dimension of actual print is 4"x6"

-These smaller prints are intended to be used as note cards, but would also make for fun wall art framed individually or as a group in a smaller space such as a bathroom or reading nook.


-If you are looking for  1st edition, hand printed art they can be ordered by special request for $20 each (+ tax and shipping)- please message me and I will arrange to get you hand-printed art. They will be printed using an oil based black ink on a superior quality paper. These orders generally will take 7-10 days to ship to allow for printing and drying time. 


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