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Red Paintbrush

Red Paintbrush

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I proudly claim the title "crazy plant lady". I do not have loads of house plants- I prefer hardy outdoor plants, but I am always fawning over and planning outings around seeing the optimum wildflowers in bloom. So it should come as no surprise that they also make it into my art. 


This stem is of a Red Paintbrush or Indian Paintbrush- they are such an interesting plant. It is native and abundant in the Rocky Mountains. One interesting fact is that they are a hemiparasitic plant- simply meaning that they rely on the nutrients aquired from plants around them for part of their lifecycle.  I thuroughly enjoy learning about plants almost as much as I like looking at them- I appreciate them more by knowing what they endure and are capable of.  If you want to learn more


I created this piece with pen and watercolor.


What you get

8"x10" print. acid free fine art paper



5"x7" note card and envelope


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